Who is Your Ideal Customer?

Web Marketing in Santa Barbara + Customer Avatar

Do you know who your ideal customer is? No, no, specifically. Who is your ideal customer?

That’s a question that many business owners have never asked themselves. They’re content with customers coming in and leaving, never thinking for a moment of how to draw those customers back or how to pinpoint the ideal patron. Where’s the entrepreneur fire? Where’s that drive and desire you had when you opened your doors?
Customers - Target and Arrows Hit the Word

That disposition is unsettling to ZeeBlu, a web marketing agency in Santa Barbara that prides itself on never giving in to complacence. Let’s get you that fire back!

What is a customer avatar?

Not a 9-foot tall blue dude with a tail. A customer avatar is a snapshot of your ideal customer—your “bread and butter” customer—the one that you couldn’t survive without. Not the customer that buys your most expensive product or service. We call them The Unicorn, and your business doesn’t survive because you land a Unicorn every other month.

What questions should you ask to determine your customer avatar?

  • Gender?
  • Age?
  • Marital status?

These are great questions, but their value floats on the surface, and we want to dig deeper to truly understand our ideal customer.

What solutions does your business offer?
To reach a concrete customer avatar, start with specific questions about your business. The key is to work backwards from your business out, instead of from your customers in.

What type of person needs your solutions?
Be specific with your answers and you’ll find that surface level questions like age, gender, and marital status will answer themselves.

From this point, you can develop a series of questions for your web marketing strategy in Santa Barbara that are as specific as you want:

  • What is the worse thing that could happen to your customer if the don’t receive the solutions you provide?
  • How would this make your customer feel? How might their boss react?

In certain realms of business, these questions might be helpful, but to be honest I find subjectivism and hypotheticals to be counterproductive in developing a customer avatar. This isn’t a “test and retest” problem. You want concrete answers that create a vivid picture. You want to be certain.

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