The Best Business Investment You Can Make

It’s Wise and Affordable

There’s magic in a great advertisement—it’s obvious and simple, but only after you’ve found the right words and art; and until you find it, that perfect ad is painstakingly elusive.

The age of the Mad Men is fading. The age of the Digital Ad Man is here (Dad Men?). But that doesn’t mean that the old tricks don’t work. If you want to be the best athlete, you study the best, work with the best, shadow the best, and mimic the best. Why would it be any different with copywriting? Or web design, social media management, email marketing, and web video? It’s not.

When ZeeBlu hires a creative, their first assignment is to find a mentor—someone who inspires them, because when you study the best, you become the best.

So whom did I choose? David Ogilvy, of course. They call him “The Father of Advertising.” Once I dissected his more famous ads—and many of his lesser known ones—I picked up his book Confessions of an Advertising Man. It sits on my desk and when I need inspiration I reach over and read a few pages.

This video is over 50 years old, but you can replace “direct response” with digital, and the truth of his words still ring true. Digital marketing is the new frontier, and large companies with a marketing budget have their own department to claim their space for their brand.

But where does that leave the little guy? Where does that leave you? You don’t have a budget for a marketing team. Have no doubt though, just like Ogilvy says, “you have a golden future.” And it comes down to making the right choice.

You opened your business for the freedom. You were tired of working for someone else; you wanted to be your own boss. You crave to be financially carefree, but you must invest wisely and conservatively. And you know better than most: the best investment is an investment in your future.

So, you wise business owner, would you take advantage of a free assessment of your business’ future? Our marketing experts are willing to draft a 12-month digital marketing strategy for all of our blog readers at no cost (other marketing agencies charge thousands). What is wiser and more conservative than a free investment that is guaranteed to bring you new customers?

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