The Best Commercials From The Big Game 2014

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For most, the Super Bowl is about football, but this year, since no one in the office had a team in the big game, it was all about the commercials. And since we couldn’t cheer on our favorite teams, we put all that hype and energy into the ads—commercials, yeah! Commercials! LET’S GO! –Sorry, ahem.

Like I was saying, no one here at ZeeBlu really cared about the game this year, but the commercials…we watched them all. Enjoy Zeeblu’s favorite Super Bowl Commercials:

1. There was no lack of car commercials this year, from the romance of a bull to an operatic Morpheus, but only one commercial made the most satirized carmaker of the modern age seem badass (even if only for a moment).

2. Doritos always comes out with something random and hilarious for the Bowl de Super. A cowboy kid lassoing a bag of Doritos while riding bareback atop a dog? Yeah, Doritos is still the reigning champ of unexpected humor.

3. Head up to the mountains, and if you’re lucky you might find a bear shredding powder. What? “Drink beer.” Nicely done.

4. How can you make a tried and true mascot like the Clydesdales even better? Simple, just add puppies. Damnit Budweiser! It isn’t fair to use puppies like that! Of course we’re all going to tear up.

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