Social Media Marketing

Making Maximum Use Of Social Media Marketing in Santa Barbara

Word of mouth was the tried and true method of advertising, but social media is king these days. Word of mouth publicity has been used since the stone ages of advertising in branding products and companies, but that simple tactic has evolved into something much more complicated and much more powerful. Established and trustworthy businesses are using social media. Competition has become so stiff that basic marketing methods just don’t get the job done, and social media is at the heart of this new wave of marketing.

Social Media Marketing in Santa Barbara For Better Reach

Not every visitor to your social media page or website is a customer. Some people might stumble upon your digital footprint by chance, and have no interest in your product or service. Social media is like a sift. By posting with a strategy and by targeting certain social media users, Facebook, for example, can serve as your businesses sift, letting all those random visitors fall through the holes and catching potential customers on top. ZeeBlu makes effective use of social media marketing for generating a better response online by implementing this sifting technique on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. We post various links on these sites, encourage forums, start new groups related to your product or service, and artfully direct these groups and forums to your website and storefront.

Use Of White Hat Techniques For Social Media Marketing in Santa Barbara

There are many techniques that are used by various companies for marketing products through social media. But in the long run certain practices can cause harm to your website and social media pages. By practicing unethical techniques, you may be flagged by leading search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. This is why ZeeBlu makes sure to only use White Hat Techniques, which benefit SEO in a legal and effective manner.

Fostering Brand Awareness Through Social Media Marketing in Santa Barbara

From link building to using specially crafted slogans and content, ZeeBlu makes use of a myriad of social media marketing tools for expanding brand awareness. All our efforts are directed at making your message heard by every person who has the potential of becoming your customer.

Our years of experience ensure that your social media strategy has a determined direction and that posts made on your behalf are exposed to your ideal customers. Regularity and valuable content are the two most important features of social media posts; two features that ZeeBlu has mastered. Our two “ZeeBlu” Facebook Pages have over 30,000 in collective fans. It wasn’t easy, and we didn’t get there overnight, but we understand what works and what doesn’t; and our fan-base continues to increase everyday.

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