Re-Boot: 4 Things You Can Do Today to Fire Up Your Sales

Fire Up Your Sales

1. Re-visit your messaging:

Are your ads sounding stale? Even world beating companies such as Coca-Cola, Toyota and Mickey D’s change their slogans, packaging and jingles from time to time. If you’re starting to blend into the landscape you’re become invisible. If you can’t remember the last time you took a hard look at how you’re communicating with your customers, its probably time to put on your thinking cap and get busy. (Also, call us. We’re a great sounding board!)

2. Re-energize your troops:

Whether you’re a “mom and pop” operation or have a team of employees, keeping everyone on the same page with your business goals and customer service mission is key to maintaining high standards and responsive service. Have your employees pretend to be the customer looking for what you sell. Are you easy to find? Do you present an attractive buying proposition? Hold a ten minute huddle every morning or at least twice a week to stay sharp.

3. Re-imagine your company:

Have new competitors recently crawled out of the woodwork? Do you feel that the world is passing your business by? Keeping up with the latest trends in any industry is challenging, especially in today’s fast paced, tech-driven way of life. What new products or services could you be offering? How could you make them more appealing or accessible to your clients? If you’ve always done things a certain way, imagine how turning everything on its head might shake things up. Ask family and friends to role play with you and look for weaknesses in your business model and new opportunities to capitalize on.

4. Re-double your efforts:

Can you honestly say you’re still passionate about what you do? Are you as inventive, creative and imaginative in how you operate your business and interact with your customers as the day you opened your doors or hung that shingle? As you evalute your own performance and where there is room for improvement, don’t forget the old adage: Although working harder may be the answer, worker smarter is definitely the solution.

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