Facebook Ends Like-Gating, What Does It Mean For You?

If you’re a business owner who uses Facebook as part of your marketing in Santa Barbara strategy, you’ve likely used like-gating. Facebook_like_thumb copyAt this point, you may not even know what like-gating is, but you’re almost certainly using it.

Simply put, like gating is the act of offering different content to users in return for a like. The most common way that this is achieved, is through contests or giveaways. Does this sound familiar – “Click here to enter”, or “Like our page to enter”? Oh yeah, I do that – exactly. That’s like-gating, and it’s going the way of the dodo.

Here it is straight from Facebook, as laid out in updates to their API and SDKs:

You must not incentivize people to use social plugins or to like a Page. This includes offering rewards, or gating apps or app content based on whether or not a person has liked a Page. It remains acceptable to incentivize people to login to your app, checkin at a place or enter a promotion on your app’s Page. To ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who matter to them, we want people to like Pages because they want to connect and hear from the business, not because of artificial incentives. We believe this update will benefit people and advertisers alike.

What does this mean? Well, it means that Facebook wants users to have a better experience by increasing the quality of likes. If you’ve been paying attention to our blogs about digital marketing in Santa Barbara, you’ll already know the importance of this. Digital marketing is about building fans. It’s not just about exposure or being in front of potential customers, it’s about building loyal fans and trust. If you’re routinely putting content in front of your fans that they want, a like is far more valuable than that of one that was earned with a giveaway or contest.

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