Business Plateaus: Never Stop Moving Up

…keep putting one foot in front of the other

The Santa Barbara Bowl is beautiful! And at the peak of the venue there’s a lookout and on a clear night you can see all the way to Ventura. I like to imagine that it’s Santa Monica in the distance, with the pier rides and terrible drivers…Anyone who’s been to The Bowl knows the view I’m talking about, it’s awe-inspiring, but to get up there one must face a daunting collection of cement steps. As I hiked and hiked, and hiked, I started taking two steps at a time and I tripped but no one saw, so I kept going and then there it was.

PART_1381958408490_IMG_6544.jpg (1)

I couldn’t speak, but my heart was racing and my chest hurt. My lungs truly, and as the awe faded, my chest was still burning and I began brooding on my hike and business and steps. Thinking business at a concert, shame on me…

The longevity of a business should be like an infinite staircase. Everyday, business should take a step up that staircase, whether that means you opened a new account or hired a new employee or received a favorable customer review; all of these move business forward and up.

I thought of local brands and how tough it must be to keep climbing, for being defined as a local or small business is a pigeonhole, a plateau. I asked around over the next week about what small business owners feel is holding them back the most. Overwhelmingly, I heard phrases along these lines: “I know the Internet is the next step, but it’s too complicated and expensive.” Forget that nonsense! The Internet isn’t the next step, the Internet is here, and getting set up with an impressive marketing plan in Santa Barbara is not expensive, at least not with ZeeBlu. If you’re reading this blog, you most likely don’t need convincing so I’ll kill the pitch here…

I guess my little “tip” for this week is to make sure that every action is a step up the staircase. Take your business’ marketing in Santa Barbara seriously! Plateaus are a waste of time and turning around to go down isn’t an option.

Get off your plateau and tweet me @ZeeBluMarketing with your thoughts. See you next week.

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