Are your ads getting all the traffic you hoped for?

I doubt it. Here’s why:

(Inspired by SEJ)

Don’t be discouraged that your ad conversion rates aren’t where you want them to be—we can’t all be Samsung or Google. Keep your head up, because chances are it’s not your product that’s the problem. It’s how you’re selling it.

Copywriting is an art; a form that many clamber to master, but that most never quite grasp. In an attempt to bridge the gap between small business owners and the infamous task of copywriting, I’ve compiled 5 points that will help you improve your ad copy, and ultimately, your ad conversion rates.

Your headlines are weak

Okay, so that gif is more cute than weak..but you get the idea. A headline is a first impression—and we all know how important those are. Take some time to study popular ad headlines. Examine what particular words are used and how they make you feel. Take your favorite pieces from your favorite ads and make your own Frankenstein of a headline.

Marketers have spent decades refining the content in advertisements, so don’t expect your first headline to draw in the masses. Attempt to understand why each of your favorites are so powerful, and then adapt those power points into your own ads that will draw the interest of your unique audience.

Where are the benefits?

Do your ads describe the benefits of your product or service? No not the features—the benefits. “This car runs off of electricity,” that’s a feature. “This car saves the planet,” that’s a benefit.

So, what benefits do you offer? This is your product’s signature. It doesn’t have to be unique or grand, but it does have to be presented. Most consumers don’t know what they want until you tell them they want it. Lay out the perks, make them desirable and applicable, and watch your conversion rate ascend.

You haven’t addressed concerns

In your experience, what worries your prospects? What holds them back from buying right now? Those concerns need to be addressed and debunked. Show your prospective buyers that their concerns should not be concerns at all.

Obviously, the amount of space you have for your ad determines how in-depth you can get with this step, but don’t let that be an excuse. By resolving concerns, you are making your prospects comfortable—you are opening up new lines of communication and developing a point of trust.

Power words

Heard of a power tie? The words in your ad should have the sametumblr_lxbztzTG4s1r8g8tmo1_500 effect. Be inspiring, be catchy, and be powerful! The 5 most persuasive words in the English language according to CopyBlogger are:

  • You
  • Free
  • Because
  • Instantly
  • New

Include these in your offers as much as you can. A lot of people try to avoid the word “free” because they think it’s “spammy”. The bottom line is that people like “free”, and they like the hottest, newest thing, and they want it instantly.

Your offer isn’t valuable.

If you’ve done all the steps above and you still aren’t seeing an increase in conversion rates, maybe it’s your offer. If you want someone to engage, they need to feel like they’re getting something valuable for their time. Nobody will do what you want because they feel like they owe you one. No—someone will engage because they feel like you provided them with value.

Try increasing your offer. It’s always my last option because you never want to give away more than you have to, but then again if you aren’t getting any conversions, you have to do something!

Always be thinking about who your ideal customer is. Read my past post about identifying your customer avatar and your ideal customer here. Find who those ideal customers are, and target the s*** out of them! If they truly are your ideal customer, and you hit all the points listed above, you’re going to see a massive rise in ad conversions.

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