YouTube Marketing

YouTube is an interesting place on the Internet. It’s not just cat videos anymore. Smart and progressive businesses are using media promotion websites like YouTube to promote themselves through video. Want in?

YouTube Video Marketing in Santa Barbara – Methodology

There are several online marketing avenues, but there is only one way to get your videos in front of billions of eyes: YouTube marketing. At ZeeBlu we execute YouTube video marketing in Santa Barbara with great ease and efficiency. ZeeBlu has the best resources and most researched strategies for YouTube marketing in Santa Barbara. Head over to the services tab and click on web video to see some our work.

Making Short and Effective Videos

Putting up just any video to promote your business does not make sense. What you need is a well thought out strategy that includes a short and effective video. Most YouTube users do not like watching videos lasting longer than 6 minutes unless it is a series (we’ve implemented a series to great success). So, if your goal is to attract as many eyes as quickly as possible, then a short and sweet video is a must.

Wavering Prohibited

The construction of videos should be based on a specific topic within your industry. Wavering off topic is a distraction for your customer and a waste of your time. ZeeBlu’s videos pinpoint a specific topic and make sure to hold the attention of viewers and deliver a specific message.

Promoting the Video

Promoting your video is extremely essential. For people to find your video it need to be promoted effectively. Promotion can be done through social media platforms and your website. Considering that we make make only original videos for you, we also brand the video with your logo adding links to your website, which serves to drive viewers to your website and increase the chances of making a successful sale.

Video Quality

ZeeBlu guarantees that the quality of videos we create is unparalleled. We never settle. It’s a waste of our time to create anything that isn’t flawlessly effective and exceptionally unique. Talented videographers, coupled with high quality equipment and top notch editing software is an unbeatable formula for the best videos on the Internet. Adding in a recognizable voice is helpful as it creates a lasting impact on the audience, and gives them something to remember your business by. ZeeBlu uses the best resources to create great videos that do well on social media sites like Facebook and video sites like YouTube.

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