Why All Businesses Need Facebook:

Social Media Marketing in Santa Barbara


Social media is weird. The term I mean—“social media”.

Social: living with the companionship of others rather than in isolation.
Media: tools used to store and deliver information.
Social Media: tools to deliver companionship.

…and an important part of companionship is trust.

Modern consumers don’t window shop—they web shop. And what those consumers are looking for is social validity. They want to know that you’re trustworthy, and that your product is reliable.

Facebook and most other social networking sites began as a tool for individuals to keep in contact with a network of friends and family and colleagues, and social media still serves that purpose, but the scope of social media has expanded to include the ability for businesses to spread their influence (and it’s a very powerful tool!).

Lucky you! Think about it. You’re a small business in Santa Barbara advertising and marketing to the local community. Everything is going great, but you’ve hit a plateau. So, you decide to give social media marketing in Santa Barbara a shot. You start with your friends and family—they go to your business page, they “like” you, maybe they leave a few comments. Then their friends, the ones outside of your network, see the interactions taking place on your business’ page. Those outsiders are interested, so they head on over to see what all the fuss is about. Before long, your social media footprint has spread your business’ influence to San Luis Obispo and Camarillo. People all over California who have never heard of your business are being introduced to your suite of products and services.

Social media gives businesses the chance to more intimately serve small communities while gaining more exposure. It’s easy, it’s effective, and it’s powerful.

My tip? Stop hiding.
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