The Essentials of an About Page

Using Your “About” Page for Marketing in Santa Barbara

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What’s the first tab you look for when you arrive on a webpage? If you’re like a majority of Internet users, the answer is “About Us”. It makes sense—we want to know exactly what a site provides, who runs it, and what products or services they offer.


If an About Page is lacking at all in personality or creativity or usability, chances are your website visitors are going to lose interest. Every individual page of a Santa Barbara business’ website matters. Everything is marketing.


There are a few key features:

  1. Be informative – answer the essential questions: Who are you? What do you do? Why are you better than the competition?
  2. Provide Value – If they wanted to be bored, they’d turn on the Home Shopping Network or something. People who arrive on your site have at least a mild interest in what you do, so give them something interesting to read about!
  3. Be Creative – Sure, you want to answer the essential questions, but you also don’t want to drone on like your High School Geology teacher. Provide some content with personality. Whether that’s your content’s tone, or a killer banner image, make yourself stand out.
  4. Be Fearless –Don’t portray your business as something it’s not and don’t be afraid to embrace your personality, however quirky it may be. Marketing in Santa Barbara isn’t about following someone else’s model. It’s about being fearless and unique.

The “About” page usually comes naturally. No one knows you and your business better than you, but creativity and personality are another story. Those two nouns can sometimes feel like the myth of El Dorado: attractive, infamous, and unattainable—but that’s simply not true. Take some time and look over your “About” page, reference the list above, and you’ll be on your way to crafting a truly engaging page that will turn your web traffic into sales.

If you can’t seem to find your way, give ZeeBlu a call at (855) 222-7297 for a free consultation with our most skilled Copywriter. ZeeBlu knows marketing in Santa Barbara and everyone needs a wingman.

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