Stress Management: How to Avoid Heart Attacks

…oh I know, chill the four letter expletive out!

“I’m so stressed out!” We’ve all said those exact words. Upcoming deadlines, family responsibilities, even the changing of the seasons—they all cause stress, but what causes your stress? Maybe it’s the pressure of successfully marketing in Santa Barbara? Ignoring your personal source is a step down the path to mental implosion, and no one wants to go out like that.

Okay, you’re stressed out at work. The guy in the cubicle next to you brought tuna fish for lunch again and your boss wants two new reports before 4 o’clock, like you don’t have anything else to do. Well, shit happens I guess. Then your wife calls about your son who’s in the principal’s office for who-knows-what, your car needs a new transmission, Charlie the dog took another shit in the living room, the grass in the front yard is yellow and dying, your bank just deactivated your plastic due to “fraudulent activity,” the list goes on and on and on! I’m stressing myself out writing this…

No one’s life is stress free, but some people are better at handling stress, most likely because they follow a few simple steps to stay sane.

“Maybe it’s the pressure of marketing in Santa Barbara…”

How to deal with stress in a harmful way:

  1. Smoking
  2. Drinking too much
  3. Overeating
  4. Procrastinating
  5. Lashing out

These are all steps in the wrong direction, but they’re easy and sometimes they feel like a temporary fix. Sort of like putting a band-aid on a gaping stab wound. has a few tips for controlling and alleviating stress in a healthy way:

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  1. Create a to-do list. Analyze your schedule and distinguish what must be done from all your other tasks. If you feel overburdened, eliminate or delegate some of the tasks on the bottom of your list.
  2. Avoid people that cause you stress. If Mr. TunaGuy really bugs you, then work somewhere else during lunch. You shouldn’t be working through lunch anyway you crazy person!
  3. Control your environment. Does the evening news stress you out? Then don’t watch it! Express what’s bothering you or else those concerns will turn to resentment and nothing will change.
  4. Focus on the positive. Take a minute to reflect and appreciate your life. Keep things in perspective and remember—you can’t control the uncontrollable. Don’t worry about problems that are out of your control. It’s pointless; the universe will figure it out for you.
  5. Don’t forget to nurture yourself (arguably the most important point). So you work 70 hours a week—that’s probably why you’re stressed—don’t let that become your excuse for neglecting your needs. Spend time in nature, sweat out the tension, watch a comedy, get a massage; we aren’t robots. We all need some nurturing. Robots probably need nurturing too, but you get my point…

If marketing in Santa Barbara is the cause of your stress, maybe ZeeBlu can help. Check out our services page for details about everything that ZeeBlu offers (sorry casual reader, but this is after all a company blog).

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