Social Media Killed The TV Star (And The Radio One Too)

It’s Just The Way We Are

What happens when a company spends millions of dollars on a TV spot to highlight their products? Millions of people see it and then forget about it. Well, to be fair maybe a few people talk about it around the water cooler the next day. Maybe.
But what happens when you release an ad on social media? Millions of people share it. That’s what the business world is coming to realize when it comes to digital marketing in Santa Barbara.


A great example of this is the Gap’s #BacktoBlue campaign which featured Alexa Ray Joel singing one of her father’s (Billy Joel), songs. The Gap noticed from data that the amount of people that were tweeting about live TV was exploding. Traditional marketing logic dictates that you buy ad space during those events and hope that you reach a certain number of the viewers – turning them into dollars. But wait (game changer alert), data showed that there was a large online presence during live shows, so instead of just hoping for viewers, why not create an event on social media itself. The Joel spot was released on Twitter before it actually aired on TV. What happened was something that the marketing world could no longer ignore. Social media creates conversations.

Farbman, the marketing chief at The Gap explains that, “…in terms of reach engagement, connection to brand was far greater than the few TV spots we purchased, and there was a long tail that allowed us to put that content in so many communities”. What we’re seeing is the repeat of buzzwords like engagement and conversation. This is what makes social media so powerful. It makes advertising less intrusive and more of a discussion about company culture. All companies should be striving to replicate this model of success, because we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media.

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