How to Optimize Your SEO & Increase your Revenue

What is SEO?

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is “improving the position that your website appears at in the ‘organic’ search results by Google.” (Theguardian) Organic search results are the results that appear on search engines when someone inserts terms and keywords into Google, Bing, or other search engines. Optimizing your search engine keywords will ensure your site appears higher up on search engine results and therefore generate more business and traffic for your site.

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When trying to optimize your SEO in Santa Barbara, it helps to think about keywords that don’t have huge search volume and keywords which don’t have a lot of competition for top spots. Putting specific, keywords that directly target your audience will make it easier for you to appear higher up on search engines. There are several tools which can help you optimize your SEO value.

Google Adwords can identify keywords on ads which you create for your chosen market. The purpose is to “be seen by customers at the very moment they’re searching on google for things you offer.” (GoogleAdwords) You can start with a low budget and see if it is helping your site generate any increased traffic. Start by opening an account, starting a campaign, setting a budget, writing your ad and seeing what happens. After that you can examine what’s working and what’s not and optimize your ads to increase your customer base.

Google Analytics is a great tool to use as well. It helps you analyze the visitors that come to your website by giving you necessary statistics that will help increase your traffic. All you have to do is sign up, add the tracking code you are given to your pages and then you will be able to easily learn about your audience. First it traces the path your visitor took to find you. Did they find you on an search engine or an ad you posted on Facebook? Did they put in your URL directly or were they directed to your site from another relevant website? Next, it can help see what visitors are doing on your site by giving you visual assessments on how they are connecting with your page. What are they clicking on, what are they downloading etc.

Pagerank is another tool created by Google which will help with your SEO value. All you have to do is download the browser plug in and it will show you what your pagerank is. Pagerank “measures the importance of web pages.” (Pagerank) In other words, it ranks your site on a scale from 1 to 10 and helps determine how high up your site will appear on search engines. The more links that lead to your page, the more important your website is considered to be. Getting your page linked by a site with good page rank will automatically boost your pagerank.

If all of these things seem a little daunting, there are people who are experts at doing all of this work for you. SEO consultants will help if you don’t have the time or skills necessary. They will make sure all of your content pages are indexed correctly, ensure that 301 pages are directed properly so that visitors will go to the planned destination and evaluate the tags and keywords on your content.

The benefits you can receive from SEO can be long lasting. So make sure you sit down and build a list of keywords relevant to your business and your target audience. If your web page doesn’t have a blog, create one! It may seem intimidating at first but it can be a key factor in building up your market. SEO keywords are consistently changing and a good way to make sure your website is moving up on search engines is to be constantly updating your content. Change your texts, pictures, add and delete pages. The more movement there is on your page the better your chance of advancing your rank.

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