How to Automate Email Marketing

Email Marketing in Santa Barbara is all About Automation

I wish I could congratulate you on your intuitive email marketing strategy, Mr. Small Business Owner, but I know you don’t have anything close to an intuitive email marketing strategy. It’s okay. You aren’t too far behind the curve. But you should know that advanced email marketing in Santa Barbara is becoming the norm.

What is Intuitive Email Marketing?

It’s a strategy that is nearly automated; a chain of emails that reacts based on how your contacts interact with past emails. Think of it as a funnel of sorts. Your contacts are dropped in from various starting points: manual add, website opt-in, Facebook app—they are sent an introductory email, usually thanking them for their previous action. Then, within that email there are various calls to action. Depending on which calls to action that contact interacts with, or which calls they don’t interact with, they will be sent down a particular path that targets their particular interest.

A decent funnel should look something like this:


Pick up your jaw. This isn’t really that advanced, but this is what email marketing in Santa Barbara is becoming.

Why you need Intuitive Email Marketing?

There are huge benefits to automation, one being that automation allows for complexity. Imagine all the time you would have if you were able to decrease your phone time by 10%. 30%. 70%. That’s what automation offers. That’s what ZeeBlu offers.

That funnel up there—we don’t use it anymore. It’s too simple.

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