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It’s time to elevate your business.

ZeeBlu—named for our unique talent for standing out in a crowd of black and white—is the solution for small to medium sized businesses looking to break into digital marketing. It’s not surprising that local businesses love us—we have the work and the results to back up our claims!


A business without a website will not survive. Web design isn’t like learning to make a grilled cheese sandwich, or to uncork a wine bottle; it’s more like learning a language—it’s exactly like learning a language. The latest versions of HTML and CSS are computer languages.

You don’t have the time.

If you’re a business owner, you barely have free time as it is; and it’s not like you can’t do it, but learning HTML and CSS on your own without much computational-savvy can be daunting. We’re talking about months, even years, of studying and research and practice to develop an engaging website that functions with all the components that every successful, marketable website needs.

Another option is to pay a web developer $10,000+ to create a site for you. Not only is this costly, but usually you’re working with someone remotely. It’s difficult to communicate the intricate details of your vision for your website over email, phone, and webinar.

No more excuses.

Local businesses need to support other local businesses. That’s ZeeBlu’s vision. We’re a local agency providing the best damn digital marketing money can buy because we want to see our community succeed.


I don’t want to hear about how you have enough business already or how you don’t have the time. Those excuses are bull. I took you for a businessperson—someone who fights contentment at every turn. And ZeeBlu doesn’t want to take up your time; we want to give you more of it!

Digital isn’t a fad. The Internet isn’t going anywhere, but you are—right down the drain—without a digital marketing strategy. Call ZeeBlu today at (805) 222-7297 for a complimentary strategy assessment with one of our Marketing Consultants. It’s time to elevate your business.

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