What’s in a Goal?

…a lot actually:

Deeply buried under our favorite tv shows, our smartphones and our love for pizza is the desire to be better. Think back to those dusty goals you’ve been meaning to pursue. Imagine how many of them you could achieve in just one year. I had that exact thought a year ago, and when my ideological anniversary arrived, I realized that I hadn’t done anything to tackle my wants.


This world we interact in is a web of distractions, even more so as we journey deeper into the 21st century. I’m surprised if my Galaxy s4 leaves me alone for more than 20 minutes—beep, look at me, twang, hello, ding ding, FEED ME YOUR ATTENTION!—so needy! I’d smash my phone against a wall if I didn’t love it so much. Yes, you love your phone too.

My goal for this month is to put a little wedge in my dysfunctional relationship with my technology. Just because it demands my attention doesn’t mean it deserves my attention. I know that I’m not alone when I say that certain parts of my life have been neglected as a direct result of this dysfunction. And this neglect has turned chronic, but just as habits are formed they can be broken.

Let’s set a goal together for this week. Focus in on something that you want for yourself or your business, then take a small step to achieving that goal. The most important part of this is to not demand too much of yourself. Taking small yet deliberate steps is the key. Reach out to us with your goal on Facebook or Tweet us @ZeeBluMarketing with your goal for the week. Use the hashtag #weeklygoal and we can get better together!

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