Reviews And Local Directories Should Be Part Of Your Digital Marketing In Santa Barbara.

Why reviews matter

It seems that reviews have become ubiquitous with internet searches. Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 9.50.48 AM With an exploding camp of consumers using search to find products, and make purchase decisions, it’s no wonder that the review has come right along as a close companion. In fact, it’s debatable that reviews are part of the algorithm that Google uses to rank search results – debatable.

Where this topic warrants an 11 on the volume knob, is with local business. As a local business, you have a face to consumers. You can not ignore the man behind the curtain with this one. Word of mouth is important, and with even local consumers turning to search engines and online content in general to inform their purchase decisions, ratings have become the arena for said word of mouth. Therefor review sites have become a no-longer-ignorable part of digital marketing in Santa Barbara.

Your best bet is a good local directory. This is important for two reasons, one, it clears the clutter of offering deals and business who are not in your area in the first place. And number two, people love local. With uber large retail chains struggling of late, the time is at hand for local businesses to reclaim their place at the top. A good local directory fits into that equation nicely. A good one in Santa Barbara, is It’s loaded with ONLY local businesses, but also ratings, maps, and deals!

It’s not just important for your SEO value, ratings build social proof. That is especially vital in the local market. If a person who actually lives down the street raves about a business that is also just down the street, that goes a long way to creating long term loyal customers.

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