There’s been a lot of talk recently about the death of blogging, but to paraphrase Mark Twain, those rumors are premature. Blogging isn’t dead – it isn’t even ill. Blogging, like everything else, is in a transitional phase. The old-school way of blogging is simply evolving, but blogging itself remains an important digital marketing tool.

Blogging Is Necessary

A blog is one of the key components of a successful inbound content marketing campaign. As far back as 2014, studies found that marketers who used blogging as part of their inbound marketing campaigns were 13x more likely to realize positive ROI. And companies who blog report they receive 97% more links to their websites. To cut to the chase: blogging is not an option for your business, it’s a necessary part of your overall inbound marketing plan.

Customer-Focused Content

Blogging was originally intended for personal expression, but business blogging is less about the self and more about experiencing empathy with your customers. A blog that is customer-focused does a much better job of engaging readers. It also allows you to create targeted content for each buyer persona, giving them a more relevant experience.

Content That Converts

Some experts like to refer to effective blog content as the match that starts the inbound marketing fire. A compelling blog is a great driver of new traffic, serving as a content feed for social media posts and teasers for email marketing campaigns.

If you want to gain a competitive online edge, it’s essential to make blogging one of your digital marketing techniques. As part of your overall inbound marketing plan, it can make a huge difference to your website’s search visibility, leads and sales. Best of all, it offers potential customers something of value, and that’s what inbound content marketing is all about.

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