The key to any inbound marketing strategy is to develop information assets, valuable knowledge or items which people on the internet will connect or exchange their email address to secure. In so doing that potential customer becomes connected to your business. And once you have that connection you need to serve that customer with continued valuable information otherwise known as content so they keep that connection and stay tuned into your outbound digital marketing communications and content.

There it is. That “click here” is inbound marketing. Offering to deliver valuable information in return for a connection action. Now here is the key to the whole thing – THE CONTENT HAS TO BE VALUABLE. If you click the link above you can get what is promised. One of the most challenging aspects of content management in the digital marketing world is developing ideas. So for a click you can get the benefit of our research and creativity and experience and be a step closer to a great Inbound Marketing program because you know what folks are interested in. Why would we give something like that away? Because we want the connection and we also believe that as you start to turn towards an inbound marketing program there will be ample opportunity for us to become your partner.

So what is the goal of SBS Inbound – to create valuable information assets. Based on understanding your business and market situation we develop ideas, then turn those ideas into actual assets you can distribute, then distribute those assets such that we have a chance of having someone who might be a great customer, find that asset opportunity and grab it.And the distribution mechanisms are not simple. They are very complex. And it’s all about search engine optimization so that when someone wants to know something or get something, our asset comes up as the answer to that curiosity. For instance if I am looking for a great Living Room bar, up comes a video of your great living room bar!

→ Get the 5 most desired information assets you can offer to hotel bar/restaurant customers

So SBS Inbound is the development of an inbound marketing strategy and the information assets that will be embedded in that strategy. We know we can’t:

  • Change the corporate managed hotel website
  • Pull time, energy or budget from the corporate marketing group

But we can:

  1. Engage with the Bar team to shape the venue, product and promotion strategy to maximize the non-hotel guest living room bar appeal
  2. Form a partnership with the corporate marketing team such that we can stay in formation with identity standards and use a lot of the hard to get graphics and video assets you may already have
  3. Develop an overall inbound marketing strategy that includes
    • Key Inbound Marketing Assets
    • A Content Calendar (ideas and the content itself)
    • A Content Distribution Strategy
    • A Video Strategy
  4. Develop a bar/restaurant specific blog oriented website that can exist without conflicting with your corporate identity mission. We use a blog format because it allows us to post a lot of different content, maximize search engine optimization and easily create inbound marketing links to key assets we want to digitally market. Normally there is no linkage required to the corporate website
  5. Execute the Video strategy, Content Calendar and Distribution Strategy
  6. Monitor the analytics and connection data. We adjust every step of the way to fine tune the program based on non hotel guest customer traffic we are building and driving into the bar/restaurant and banquets business.
  7. Manage your team in the first year to support the content creation process and drive connections into our program
  8. Train your team to continue the content program after the first year

Our objective is to make a major focused effort initially that delivers results in a short period of time. Results being measured as non hotel customer business growth in your bar/restaurant and banquets business. We often plan outbound marketing strategy portals into our distribution strategy in the initial launch to get connections and accelerate the process. But the program is designed to produce a locals “scene” position in the bar/restaurant within the first year and be able to shift responsibility for handling the continuation program over to the property team by the end of that year so the ongoing cost of the program is minimal after the first year.

Why would you do a program like this?

  • Do you have a bar setup that seems to fit the Living Room bar/restaurant formula?
  • Are you getting good business volume in the bar from Hotel guests – which means the format is working for the easy to get customers?
  • Does it feel like your happy hour or other promotions you have tried aren’t producing the desired local’s traffic?
  • Are you noticing that when you do get nonhotel guest traffic there seems to be a fit or magnetism of the venue to those guests?
  • Do you have a market around you which is big enough in terms of locals, end of business day or transient visitor micro markets that we can go after with a Living Room bar experience opportunity?
  • Have you said to yourself more than a few times, there is no reason we can’t pull locals into this bar/restaurant and if we can get that engine turned on the business impact would be huge? 25 more non hotel guests per day in a living room bar = $500K per year revenue growth – and given labor costs are often fixed that revenue comes in at 70% margin
  • Is your bar/restaurant basically an amenity on your Hotel website and your social media programs focused on creating and nurturing a Hotel Guest connection? And you know you have little chance of getting budget or focus on the bar/restaurant marketing mission?
  • Have you been ineffective in trying to run your own locals marketing program with property team staff or perhaps even with low level social media posting services?
  • Are you competing against restaurant/bar focused businesses that you can see are at a whole different level in their digital marketing program and their venues are full of customers who you feel you can take away from them
  • Do you have an ownership situation where you may be able to get capital funding if you can present;
    • A compelling ROI Result that can be documented and tracked,
    • A solution partner who has credibility delivering those ROI Results,
    • An investment situation where the funds will exclusively go towards benefiting the property valuation

If some of the above is true SBS Inbound is something you should consider.