It’s always the same question. I know my existing digital marketing program is not effectively connecting with potential nonhotel guests for our F&B operation, but what options do I have? My corporate marketing team is focused on driving our brand and building our rooms business – and that is the more important focus. There is no incremental budget I can use to develop a locals program. Any resources we have available internally struggle to even execute a Facebook post program. And my asset manager struggles to see an ROI Result they can count on in order to deploy capital funds in support of what we all know is a significant business development opportunity.

In some situations, big capital dollars have even been invested or are planned to be invested in creating a great Living Room bar setup, but you know that “build it and they will come” does not work anymore. You have to have a local’s oriented digital marketing program to pull non hotel guests and seed the development of a “scene” market position. If you can get to “scene” position the resulting revenue and profit windfall is huge. So what do you do?

SBS Inbound is the answer. A bar performance improvement company with a stellar track record in the hotel/resort market has pulled the trigger on creating the industry’s first bar/restaurant focused digital marketing partnership solution.

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The SBS Inbound solution is built around the following 4 Concepts

  1. If you have the right living room oriented product/venue and you have a sizable non hotel guest market opportunity, the only thing standing between you and a packed exciting bar/restaurant business is an effective inbound digital marketing strategy
  2. Corporate marketing teams are focused on rooms and brands, but sensitive to anything else that might be going on at the property level in terms of digital marketing. Any local digital marketing strategy has to be executed outside of existing hotel digital marketing portals, but stay in line with the identity standards of the brand
  3. SBS Inbound has to be funded as a capital project, it is an investment in the value of the property. It’s no different then the investment made to create the venue in the first place. But Asset Managers have to know:
    1. The funds will strictly be focused on the property business development objective
    2. The vendor partner understands the ROI result responsibility
    3. The results can be tracked and reported on, and are
  4. The program has to have a one year character with a training component that allows a property team to carry on the content development and distribution strategy after the first year. General Managers need to have a program which has a significant initial focused effort creating immediate results in terms of non hotel guest traffic. And then options on pulling continuation programs in house or outsourcing that expense beyond year 1.

The SBS Inbound solution focuses on answering 4 key questions before we ever get started:

  1. Do you have to have the right product situation and if not what will it take to get it there?
  2. Do you have a sizable local non hotel guest market a Living Room style bar/restaurant should appeal to?
  3. What are you currently doing and what are others in your market doing from a digital marketing perspective?
  4. What should you be doing – what is the right digital marketing strategy for your business situation?

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To answer those questions we conduct Assessments. These are free consulting engagements in which a hotel bar/restaurant expert:

  • Gathers historical numbers data for the property and market
  • Does a Digital Marketing Assessment on your current digital presence and that of competitors in the market
  • Does a property site visit to interview management and observe the operation
  • Presents a Feedback Session that documents all observed opportunities and ideas on how to go after those opportunities. Note the feedback process is comprehensive
    • We look at venue and product setup
    • We look at service and productivity setup
    • We look for revenue growth and cost reduction opportunities
    • We look at business control processes and customer engagement strategy

In the Assessment we are in perfect position to recommend next steps which are justified by the opportunity and ROI result implications in the event capital must be expended to pursue the opportunity. Whether a property team chooses to move forward with a next step or not, the end result is a path is charted. When the time is right in your property situation to go after the windfall opportunity,

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