Digital Marketing 101-Part 1

In today’s hyper-competitive market it is more important than ever to stand out from your competitors. In taking the extra steps to communicate with your clients and audience you are differentiating yourself and helping the public understand your brand’s altruistic roots. Digital marketing is the most efficient way of going about gaining loyalty from customers. If there is not currently a flow of communication between your company and its customers then you are at risk of losing them to other competitors.

Authentic Content

Business is steady, the phones are ringing, but when was the last time you had a conversation with a customer that was not about an order or service being rendered. Digital marketing acts as a narrative guide that creates a sense of transparency for your company. Why is transparency important? Because customers like conducting business with companies that are trustworthy and dependable. To read more about how to make authentic content and it’s importance click here.

If you are a logistics company compile information on recent updates to transportation laws. For example, this year new legislation was passed in regards to lithium batteries due to issues experienced with Hoverboards. If you are a Real Estate company you will want to look out for new areas that are being developed in your city. Be it a cultural hub or a business park, being a source of information for your customers is a great way of earning their loyalty.

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Creating Conversation

When authentic content is created you will want to use a tone that suggests conversation. For example, if you are sharing information about new products or services you should start with questions.

Ex. “Are you aware of the new legislations for transporting lithium batteries?”

This insinuates that they need to become better versed on the subject, but ALREADY have the solution, YOUR company or service. Another easy solution to this is to end content with: “if you have any other questions feel free to contact one our experts at”

Lists and Segmentation

According to The Radicati Group the average person receives an average of 76 (non-spam) emails per day. Any communication that you send to your customers needs to be as relevant as possible since it is competing with a slew of other messages. The first step to segmenting your customers is separating them into different lists that will help you tweak and optimize the content that is shared with them. To learn more about how to create these lists and segmentation click here.

Instead of sending full length articles or updates to potential customers send them snippets from the full articles. This gives the reader a good first impression and leaves them wanting to know more. This reinforces the importance of creating authentic and relevant content.


You’ve made it to the step that negligent digital marketers often rush to, promotions. Placing the content in the appropriate medium, for the appropriate amount of time, will determine how successful the digital marketing efforts are.

The best way to approach promotions is as an ecosystem. You want to create a homogenous experience with the same messages, visuals, and overall feel. Importing the organized lists into email marketing services like mailchimp etc are a great way for beginners to start sending mass emails to their current and prospectful clients. You may also use sponsored facebook ads to target users by location, age, and other useful demographics.

As you begin to see results, use the information to optimize your future messages, methods of communications, and small details like what days received more action. To achieve this level of specific results with consistent growth you also need to maintain a digital marketing strategy.