Use the following 5-point to see whether your company is using an integrated inbound marketing checklist design.

  1. Do You Integrate Social Media? Are your social media pages integrated in a way that makes sense? If so, what do users see when they click on them? Is there visual flow between website pages and social media postings? Doe your Tweets match your brand’s voice? When you click on your blog from the homepage, does the page jive with your website design or is it hosted/designed separately? Even small gaps in visual continuity will affect the UX.
  2. Are There Dead Links? Dead links cause higher bounce rates. 404 errors are like a proverbial brick wall. They stop visitors in their tracks, and can redirect their attention back to their email inbox, current work task, or to the SERP for the next link since they didn’t find what they were looking for. Use a Free Link Checker Tool to locate them, and remember – Google penalizes sites with abundant 404s.
  3. Do You Use Analytics? If you’re not pouring over analytics, noting what appeals to and engages users – as well as what makes them bounce – it’s impossible to develop an integrated design. You’ll simply take a shot here, and another over there, which leads to a chopped-up user journey.
  4. Do Your Offers Align With Where Visitors/Leads Are At? Is your website, social media posts, offers and various campaigns spread throughout the buyer’s cycle? Or do they simply move from Interest (top of the funnel) to “Contact Us!” (bottom of the funnel)? It takes a thorough, multi-layered approach for successful conversions.
  5. Are Photos/Videos Showcasing Your Brand? If there’s a disconnect between photo/video production and website/content development, images and videos can’t pack the same resonant punch with viewers. When these tools are thoughtfully integrated with content, they are effective conversion tools rather than visual fillers.

Analysis of these 5 inbound marketing “checkpoints” can red-flag inherent or potential weaknesses in your website’s inbound marketing ability. Take a look at the ZeeBlu Marketplace and let’s brainstorm strategies to ensure your website provides a more integrated user experience.