Maybe you’re not quite ready to redesign your website, or your budget won’t accommodate it. There are 5 things you can do RIGHT NOW that will automatically increase website performance and inbound marketing appeal.

  1. Change the Fonts. Most big-time websites use web fonts because those fonts keep branding consistent across browsers. The most successful are Web Open-Font Format (WOFF) and WOFF2 fonts, which are supported by almost 90% of mobile browsers. As a back-up option, the most successful website fonts (in order) are: Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS and Georgia (
  2. Increase White Space. Even a little space between two color blocks can increase site visitor interactions. Read, The Importance of Whitespace in Web Design,” to learn more about the Dos-and-Don’ts of whitespacing.
  3. EAT & YMYL. Google’s web crawlers are becoming more and more human, and less like bots. At least, that’s what it seems like when you read Google’s 146-page manifesto outlining the newest Search Quality Rating Program. Don’t have time for that? Read Moz’s, “30+ Important Takeaways…” and see how your website “rates” these days. Adjust accordingly.
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  5. Compare Best & Worst. Find your best and worst performing pages. Compare them from page URL, titles and meta information to format, content and actionable info. Use what you learn to update the worst 5 pages and see what happens.
  6. Use Rounded Corners. Research and copious amounts of A/B testing have proven that rounded-corners on CTA buttons perform better than 90-degree, square corners. From the human brain’s perspective, they’re less bright, less dangerous and are easier to follow, which increases the flow of information processing. Check in with the UX Movement to learn more.
  7. Benchmark and analyze your website’s “Before & Afters” to see how these 5 Tips make a difference. Need Help? We offer design and development services at the ZeeBlu Marketplace.