Company Background:

Santa Barbara Steam Cleaning provides professional kitchen equipment cleaning services. The business has been family  owned and operated since 1964 when Maurice Gudgeon started selling filters door to door to small businesses. Today they serve over 200 local businesses, including schools and restaurants. Santa Barbara Steam Cleaning prides themselves on their one-on-one experience where customers can talk to the current owner, Michael Gudgeon (son to Maurice) or manager Andrew Gudgeon (grandson to Maurice) at any time.

How ZeeBlu Helped:

In June of 2013, Santa Barbara Steam Cleaning teamed up with ZeeBlu to create a new website and initiate search engine optimization services. They were eager to draw customers to their website and turns those leads into business.

At the six month marker, their results are substantial. Website traffic has increased by 436%, from just 91 monthly visitors to almost 500. The website has received great feedback from customers both new and old and you can find them on the first page of Google for 7 of their 11 keywords, with the following 4 close behind. Go ahead, search their keywords for themselves!


“ZeeBlu did a great job setting up our website and we have already had multiple responses from it! They were quick to solve any of my concerns when they were building the website and I’m very happy with them.”  -Andrew Gudgeon