About the Company:  

Our customers are our friends, not just customers.

Richard’s Accurate prides itself on its integrity and its friendly relationship with its customers. For over 35 years, Richard’s Accurate has stood out as a mechanic that’s interested in a long-term relationship with its customers by providing honest, affordable car service and repair. Truly, they are basically a shoe-in each year to win the Independent’s Best of Santa Barbara Award for car repair, but their digital marketing efforts didn’t reflect their achievement.

Why ZeeBlu:

The auto shop with concierge needs marketing

Richard’s website was in need of a facelift, they were absent in search results for critical keyword searches such as “Auto Repair Santa Barbara.” While they did have two testimonial videos, they were the only real content on the single page website and though the messages were strong, the visual delivery was lacking. Their Facebook page supported less than 10 fans and though they had email addresses for several of their customers, they were not engaging them for regular service reminders. Richard’s Accurate knew they needed someone to handle the technical aspects of their marketing as they continued to use their technical knowledge of cars to preserve their reputation.

What ZeeBlu Did:

The auto repair industry is competitive, so ZeeBlu knew Richard’s Accurate’s reputation would be the key promotional ingredient to their success. Mike Bishop selected ZeeBlu’s ZeeGuide program, which provided the company with an all-inclusive strategy that guaranteed all components would be working together to drive more traffic and engagement through web, email, social media, and video. First things first, ZeeBlu created a brand new website that showcased Richard’s Accurate’s awards, testimonials and unique services. Finally prospective customers would be directly informed about concierge and car wash services, while simultaneously optimizing this content to help him rise in the Google Rankings. Next ZeeBlu assembled a social media and email marketing strategy, consisting of regular giveaways such as a full service detail or oil change. Together the strategies use intuitive systems to keep customers informed and engaged.  Their videos also focused on the messages, delivering testimonials and tips in order to build continued trust in Richard’s brand and knowledgeable experts.