About the Company:

Introducing style to their marketing efforts for Online Business in Santa Barbara

Dani Boy Kids is a nascent child’s clothing boutique with style. Although they’ve done much of their business from their brick and mortar store in Santa Barbara, Dani Boy was looking to expand the online portion of their business by targeting demographics that find their brand particularly enticing.

Why ZeeBlu:

Dani Boy Kids was well aware that a sleek and well-organized website would be paramount to a successful expansion of their online business, but they needed someone to help execute a plan that would integrate shopify seamlessly with their website and email provider, as a smooth and easeful checkout process is critical in their industry. Dani Boy Kids already had some excellent photography on their website, but they wanted to utilize ZeeBlu’s Video Day service to promote particular brands and lines of clothing.  Lastly, Dani Boy Kids needed an SEO strategy that would balance attacking high and medium volume keywords, so as to carve out some of the crowded, existing market and become a leader in more niche markets. When starting with ZeeBlu, they were virtually invisible for their keywords so a major revamp of their web content and SEO strategy as a whole was essential.

What ZeeBlu Did:

Dani Boy Kids took advantage of ZeeBlu’s Video Day offering by bringing child models into our studio to promote a new line of clothing. ZeeBlu created an SEO strategy that was optimized to move them forward both in saturated, existing markets and less crowded specialized markets, such as “edgy kids clothing”, an area where they could climb the ranks more quickly.