Turn A Bad Customer Experience Into Money

Marketing to Unsatisfied Customers

In the marketing industry, keeping your clients happy is imperative. This is common in most industries, but a surprising amount of businesses don’t care as much as they should about customers’ experiences.

catAn unaddressed, bad customer experience may wreck your business’ reputation. A bad experience is 5% more likely to be shared over social media than a good experience. Stopping the bleeding of a bad experience should be important to every business, especially if your customer base consists of 25-34 year olds, who are the most likely to share on social media.

What does this mean for your business?
It doesn’t matter if a customer has a good or bad experience. What matters is that you keep in contact with them after any experience with your business. In marketing, we mainly use email or face-to-face meetings to keep up with customers’ experiences. You don’t want to let any customer contact go to waste because even a negative review can turn out to benefit your business when addressed properly.

A report from ExperienceMatters.com shows the correlation between customer spending and how well a company responds to a bad customer experience. 29% of consumers increased their spending with a company they had a bad experience with simply because that company responded “very well” to their issues.

What is considered handling a bad experience “very well”?
Depending on your industry, the timeframe may be different, but if a representative from a company reaches out personally to a customer who had a bad experience within 24 hours with condolences and tangible promises to remedy the problem, that’s considered a “very well”.

“Very poor” was categorized as a company not reaching out at all. 69% of consumers who claimed to fall into this category decreased spending or cut ties completely with the particular company they had a bad experience with.

A major part of managing customer experiences in a medium-sized community like Santa Barbara is having a determined digital marketing strategy in place. Having open lines of communication through a website, Facebook page, and email is what’s going to keep your customers, especially those who’ve had a bad experience, coming back to spend money with you.

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