5 Business Technology Trends You’ll See in 2014

What’s on the Horizon for Business Tech?

We all want to be ahead of trends. Well, here’s your chance to prepare for what I predict will be the top 5 topics of conversation about business technology in 2014.

1. Mobile
Recent reports have shown that mobile devices are outpacing PCs as primary sources of computing. mobile_vs_pcWhy sit at home and browse the interwebs when you can take your smartphone out on a leisurely stroll? This has been an expected trend for a while now, but as hypothesized developments become reality in 2014, businesses will be faced with a new suite of modern issues centered around the death of the work computer: compatibility, software to app migration, etc. 2014 could easily become the year of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

2. Analytics
We’ve seen the continuous expansion of data availability on the Internet. Any business that is worth a shake is already tracking, or working on a way to track, their company’s analytics. The early 2010’s were a lenient time for businesses that weren’t capitalizing on big data, but 2014 will be the year that analytics become indispensible, and there will be much discussion about how to capitalize on consumer insights. Big data and analytics startup boom anyone?

3. Cybersecurity
2013 was a rough year for cybersecurity, or a lack there of. Hackers ran rampant and gathering confidential information over the Internet seemed as easy as finding a cat video. As the Internet continues to develop into infinite in 2014, software companies and IT specialists are going to be forced to handle the issue of tightening cybersecurity. Most likely, talks will be centered on creating systems and software that are developed with security as the most important feature: Security by Design.

4. Social Business
Social business is already prevalent in 2013, and 2014 will see this sphere of business technology increase even more. Social media platforms have become intuitive and indispensable, and have improved the way businesses share information and collaborate. Not to mention that consumers are becoming more and more trusting of reviews made on social media. Expect 2014 to bring with it a large amount of investments in tech that will serve customers more efficiently and systems that can predict market trends more accurately.

5. Augmented Reality
These days, what is real and what is virtual have become nearly the same. The line separating the two has become a smear as smart devices and emerging technology like Google Glass have come onto the stage with the ability to simulate computational manipulation of a user’s surroundings in real-time. Expect augmented reality to become a serious point of discussion in 2014 as businesses began using the intelligence behind augmented reality as a dynamic business tool. o-TWITCH-570-1The Playstation 4’s “Playroom” is an example of the emerging influence of augmented reality. Using the touch pad on the Dualshock 4 controller, the player can launch little A.I. buddies from the controller onto the screen and interact with them by moving around in real-time. Many mobile apps have similar functionality, and the relationship between mobile devices and augmented reality is only going to tighten as we move into 2014.

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