Why You Should Ignore New Year’s Resolutions

A Tip for the Small Business Owner:

Here’s one that might surprise you. Ignore everything you’ve read over the passed two weeks about resolutions for business owners. Not trying to burst your bubble but *pop; the people who write most of those articles are promoting their own product or service. In other words, that advice isn’t free. They want views, likes, tweets, shares—simply, they want more business and successful marketing in Santa Barbara, just like the rest of us.

If you take any advice, take mine—don’t go for any resolutions, none, not one, zero—and celebrate your freedom from socially accepted, self-imposed stress that manifests from wanting to be like that inhuman perfection promised on television or in those eyes or in that bank statement.


Resolutions are a declaration of desire for something that is “needed” and attainable only through determined commitment. Advice about not taking advice, round 2: don’t dwell on what you “need” because usually what you need is what you want and what you want sprouts from what you think you should have; and what you think you should have is some grand plan for immense success in 2014.

But what about the success you’ve already achieved? Round 3: take a step back and look at what you’ve done in 2013. Look at the success you’ve found and improve upon it until it’s perfected. Check to make sure that all the junk on your plate is handled. We both know you need to make that dentist appointment. Hire that assistant already! Take your kids to baseball practice. And when you’re ready to pursue marketing in Santa Barbara, ZeeBlu will be there for you.

We should always have goals, but attainable ones, independent of the New Year.

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