What is Digital Marketing?

It’s More Than A Trend:

Digital marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices such as personal computers, smartphones, cellphones, tablets and games consoles to engage with potential customers. Digital marketing applies technologies or platforms such as websites, email, apps, and social networks. BOOM–definition to yo face!

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Now maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “what about newspapers or radio or television?” Those are considered to be traditional forms of marketing, and yes, they’re still viable marketing tools, if you can afford them, but just because they’re viable and expensive doesn’t mean that they are the most effective.

Newspapers are making the switch to digital, magazines are beginning to favor online issues over print and television commercials are being skimmed over thanks to DVRs (I’ve always found the mute button to be especially useful when watching live broadcasts).

Now take digital marketing forms, for example. Email marketing is the most direct and affordable way to stay connected to customers. Create a list, send a personalized blast, instant engagement. Facebook comments and likes translate to immediate business. That’s the beauty of social media: when done right, it becomes a snowball that can’t be stopped! And a website–every business needs one. I don’t care if you think social media is a government conspiracy, to each their own, but denying the business worth of a website is just crazy! A modern business must have a digital presence i.e. a responsive, SEO driven website.

Digital marketing isn’t a trend anymore; it’s the norm. Companies are spreading their influence and digitally developing their brand. Don’t be the business that became content with “traditional”.

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