Tips for Learning from Rejection When Starting up your Business

Zee wants you to succeed!

There are two types of businesses in this world: Those that make it, and those that don’t. A big key to success is not getting discouraged when faced with rejection. Whether it is from getting a loan from your bank, landing that new client or pitching your idea to other local businesses.
If you are a business in the Santa Barbara or Ventura area, we can provide you with some key factors for learning how to take that rejection, and turn into a positive situation.

-If for every 50 calls you get 1 “yes,” don’t feel beat-down. A successful entrepreneur will look at every “no” as being one step closer to a “yes.” Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and remaining positive will pave your path to success. Rejection isn’t easy, but the fact of the matter is that you will always find it in life, and that includes the business world. For example, when you are in search of a new job and are going on various interviews, you look at every interview as practice. Even if the interview you go on ends in a “No thank you,” you still managed to polish off your skills and will be more successful on the next one you go to.

-Make changes if things aren’t working and don’t take things personally. If things don’t seem to be going right, maybe it’s time to consider your business model and analyze whether it’s really working or not. If you have one idea that really doesn’t seem to be flowing, take a moment to step back and see why it may not be the right way to go. Maybe it only needs tweaking in a certain area or maybe you have to scratch the whole thing. If things aren’t going well, there’s probably a good reason why. Ask yourself if your SEO keywords and web design are doing their job to help you reach your full potential. Here in Santa Barbara, there are a vast array of businesses looking to increase their customer base, and making sure you are up-to date with all the new marketing strategies could be something you don’t initially think about which could really help you be successful.

-Learn how to take criticism and always read your reviews! Ask your potential client why they said “no” or why they think things aren’t working. Try not to view their advice as negative, rather look at it as constructive criticism. If your business has reviews on websites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, Instagram, Facebook etc, make sure you read the reviews customers are leaving you. Social media marketing is an incredible tool to use in order to better your business. Some people don’t check their Yelp reviews because they can’t handle the criticism. Listening to your customers is a crucial component to success in your business and a good way to learn where you can change things.

-Be realistic with what you can achieve. Write down your goals and examine your resources, time, financial situation and how you want to develop your product. Learn how to prioritize and take the proper steps that will help you reach your ultimate goal. Realize your target audience and figure out the best marketing strategy in order to reach them. Would the clients you are searching for benefit more from digital marketing or TV ads? Ask yourself who is your demographic is and how you are going to drive them to your business.

If you keep these things in mind when starting your business you are far more likely to be a successful business owner. Remember to look at the ultimate goal and focus on how you can achieve it as opposed to getting your feelings hurt and you are bound to accomplish what you are after.

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