The Importance of Seeing Your Business Through Your Customer’s Eyes

Shopping on your own website may be the most important thing that you can do for your business

As a business owner, you are likely burning the candle at both ends, right? customer serviceYou have a business to run, a life to run, possibly a family – it is never ending. In the melee of life and business mix, it’s easy to get on the business-centric treadmill and forget about the customer experience. After all, you’re the expert right? You clearly know what is best for your business, and your customer. Well, maybe not so much.

It’s easy to forget that the reason you even exist is the needs of the customer. And without loyal customers, sustaining your business would be a tall order. This is true not only with the brick and mortar aspect of your business, but also your digital marketing in Santa Barbara.

It’s useful to take the time to look at your business from the point of view of your customer. Visit your website and shop as if you were a customer. Is it easily navigable? Engaging? In digital marketing for local business, your web design is often the first contact that a potential customer will have with your business. What are they seeing?

This is a necessary exercise in staying connected and relevant with your customers. Most marketers agree that customer loyalty and retention are more valuable than acquisition, so make sure that you see what your customers see. Often times this will give you an indicator of, and a solution to, a problem early.

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