Turn your Bar & Restaurant into a “local option.” – not just a hotel amenity.

Execute Inbound Marketing to increase revenue in F&B – let hotel marketing groups stick to hotel rooms.

Build a digital marketing engine to provide a predictable growth pattern.

Use a partner with years of hotel F&B experience.

Measure your results with a strategy anchored in ROI analytics.

SBS Inbound has the credibility to work with your ownership for funding and the corporate marketing team on branding. This relationship is win/win/win/win/win. Owners win with better investments. Hotel marketing groups win because their focus and expertise is in filling rooms and not local marketing for bars. GM’s of F&B win because they are able to provide month over month revenue increases. SBS Inbound wins with another happy Hotel customer. The local community wins with a venue unlike any other in town for meetings, drinks, quick bites, dates, dinners, and more.

Navigating this road can seem tricky, but our no cost assessment brings it all into perspective with just a little time invested on your part. “Sign up for your assessment”.

Don't Take Our Word For It

“What makes SBS Inbound interesting is the ability SBS has to quantify the business impact for a property, and the reputation they have of delivering it, such that a property specific digital marketing project can get capital funding support”

Chris Schaefer
Corporate Director of Restaurants Noble House

“We’ve seen a 40% growth in our bar business tied to a property specific digital marketing program we implemented for our bar venues.  The non hotel guests were out there, we had the perfect product for them, and once we connected with them, they came and kept coming.

Jeff Brown
GM F&B Operations Portland Nines Hotel

“3 million visitors per year visit Stevenson WA to enjoy the Columbia River Gorge. Even a small piece of that potential customer wave would be game changing for the River Rock Bar & Restaurant”

Ken Daughtry
General Manager Skamania Resort and Lodge

“Track record is everything. Every time we engage with SBS in one of our properties we track revenue growth and cost reduction. SBS figures out what the right program is for a specific property situation, and then executes with passion and as a partner in delivering the ROI result.”

Steve Coe
VP Asset Management Pebblebrook Hotel REIT

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