Is Your Data Safe In The Cloud?

Cloud Computing

According to Tech News World, more than 80 percent of businesses and IT managers plan to transfer or have already transferred confidential information onto the cloud. This transferring of data poses a question, is the cloud safe? In the wake of hacking attacks, poor security and hackers are to blame, however the user may be somewhat at fault as well for not taking necessary precautions. I am not putting the blame on the user, it is not our fault Websites and accounts get hacked. But not being cautious of safety habits may put the user at risk. Taking simple precautions lowers your risk tremendously and can make your cloud experience much more positive. Reusing passwords or using obvious passwords puts the user at risk. Just think, if your Facebook gets hacked would your email just as easily be hacked? The cloud is a great internet service, instead of only being able to access your data on one hard drive the cloud stores it to a server and allows you to access your data on any internet connected device. It essentially provides a backup of photographs, music, important documents and other useful data that can be accessed anywhere. So why not make the most of this free service? Here are some safety tips to make your cloud as secure as Alcatraz.

Tip one: Stay away from the obvious passwords such as “123456” or “Password”, keep passwords complicated.

Tip two: Stay away from the unknown web sites. If a site contains a lot of pop ups and spam, most likely it is not trustworthy. Antivirus software can help you remain protected, however smart browsing is the most secure option.

Tip three: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Use several different cloud services to back up your data. Services such as Dropbox, Amazon’s Cloud Drive and Apple’s Time Capsule are some of the most popular and trusted services.

As a digital marketing company, ZeeBlu knows how important it is to protect precious data. In order to organize all of the photographs, documents and code that we use to build our marketing strategies, we use the Cloud and other backup devices. Of course, we adhere to these 3 tips as well, keeping everything safe and sound.

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