How to Misspell With Style: “Excgarated”

Want to be Reddit Famous? Misspell Exaggerate.

On March 24th around noon, history was made—if you consider word murder to be history. A Reddit user by the name of Theoman333 misspelled a word so badly/well that for about two hours his never before seen spelling sat at the top of Google (talk about SEO at work!). The spelling in question—a word barf for exaggerated: “excgarated”.

Theoman333 attributed his error to the age of computers and autocorrect conditioning, and added to his post with this response: “I’m really surprised from the reactions to a strange spelling mistake. You people are entertained easily.” Read a few Reddit responses below:


For two hours following his post, when excgarated was Googled, Theoman333’s comment sat at the top of Google rankings, shining in all it’s auto-fail glory, until a blog post covering the story dethroned the creator. A man writing under the name of Connor O’Malley posted a 100-word article titled “Why Excgarated is the Word of the Year”—a bit of a bold statement, but who am I to critique creative license.

Within minutes the Reddit army arrived in full force, bashing the poor soul for killing Theoman333’s rein at the top of Google. Most of the comments are chains of expletives glued together with articles. Some of the tamer, very Reddit-esque comments:

Sorry Le Reddit Army, but you need to stop excgarating. Username “asdasd” has the right of it:

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