Facebook Fraud: What Does it Mean for Marketing?

the status of facebook marketing in santa barbara

Veritasium, a science video blog, released a video on February 10th, 2014 titled “Facebook Fraud”. The subject? Facebook ads and the true value of a “like”, but the video takes an interesting turn when the narrator starts describing the geographical source of Facebook “likes” generated from Facebook ads. The video is just under 9 minutes long, but trust me, it’s worth your time. Check it out below:

Turns out that Facebook ads are just as illegitimate as “click-farms”. Sure, if you want a large number of likes, go ahead and throw some money at Facebook ads, but number of likes and page engagement are two different beasts.

But a successful marketing strategy needs Facebook marketing. Santa Barbara doesn’t have any click-farms (that I know of), but businesses here can buy “likes” through Facebook ads just the same. Hell, even we’ve used Facebook advertising and post boosting to spread our influence locally and across the Facebook community. Thankfully, ZeeBlu’s Facebook page has a decent percentage of engagement, but there’s no doubt that a few thousand of our likes are robots, or foreigners with carpal tunnel.

The bottom line is that Facebook has misled us; they’ve been deceitful, following in the footsteps of other big business scam artists. They claimed to provide a legitimate way of gathering fans. Truly, it was nothing but a smoke screen. It’ll be interesting to watch the fallout from these findings and to see how Facebook responds.

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