Email in, Money Out

Intuitive Email Marketing For the Win

So you’ve got a business. Your product is dialed in, you have the best web design in Santa Barbara, and you’re open for business. You’ve crossed your marketing Ts, and dotted your marketing Is. But where are your customers? One of the best ways to generate traffic to your site, and ultimately through your door, funnel expample for emailis with an intuitive email marketing program.

You’re so confident in your product that there is no way that a customer is going to leave your store without a purchase. But who’s getting your customer’s in the door? You certainly don’t have time to worry about that. It’s not why you started your business in the first place. What if you had an employee who worked 24 hours a day getting customers to your website and in your door. Well guess what – you do. It’s an intuitive email marketing, and it’s an integral part of your overall strategy for digital marketing in Santa Barbara.

But what is it? I mean, you already send out email coupons – so that’s good enough, right? Not really. Intuitive email marketing, is more than that. It primes the customers for your product, and more specifically segments them into which of your products are best for them. It’s like a pre-sale conditioner. But it’s even more than that. It also drives traffic to your site, and builds trust and interest in your product.

Each email that a customer receives from your business, is carefully designed to inform, and affect purchase decisions. As they click links in their emails, it tells the system which follow up email to send. Each time they make a decision by clicking a link, they start down a new path based on their interest. It literally is like have a discussion with your clients 24/7. Yes it does require software, and some work to set up the funnels. If you’re not sure how this would be best accomplished, contact a local digital marketing company, like ZeeBlu. It’s a small investment, and ROI is worth every penny.

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