Collaboration in the Digital Marketing Industry

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Digital marketing is all about fan interaction. You might have the greatest marketing campaign mankind has ever crafted, but if you’re ignored online then all of that masterful work would be for nothing. That might be a bad example, since the greatest marketing campaign ever drafted would be innately un-ignorable, but the fact remains—digital marketing relies on interaction and collaboration between consumer and provider.

The truth is though, that a successful digital agency requires collaboration way before any customer sees a product. Think about what happens during the conception of a great marketing campaign, and you’ll see that before anything is presented to a client, a group of teams has pieced together an intricate puzzle of communication and collaboration.


ZeeBlu is a fairly small organization, but even we have to collaborate or die. Our web designers and developers, email marketers, social media experts, SEO guys, videographers, and copywriters must all communicate effectively and collaborate to create a final product that lives up to the ZeeBlu standard. The system doesn’t work if one link is unhinged. People with agendas or who knowingly withhold data that should be shared are quickly found out and left behind. It’s the only way to maintain a healthy environment for collaboration.

A collaborative effort is imperative in most businesses, but even more so in a company that works in the digital world. No individual could possibly have the digital know-how to outweigh a team of specialized experts. There’s too much to know—literally hundreds of fields of expertise. Without trust and respect between individuals working for an agency that operates in the digital space, said agency will inevitably rot from the inside out.

If you consistently produce sub-par work that misses deadlines, how can your coworkers trust you to deliver? They can’t. Internal and external trust in working relationships is earned. Every member of a digital marketing firm should understand this; it should be made clear upon hiring, and reinforced throughout an individual’s career at an agency.

Collaborative working relationships are grounded in respect. This can be established in many ways: giving team members a safe place to disagree, assuming best intentions, seeking guidance and ideas from others. Most people have their own way of developing respect for others, but it usually comes down to a person’s ability to deliver quality and timely work.

Bottom line, you can’t have trust without respect or respect without trust, and you can’t have a great collaborative spirit without both.

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