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Remember way back like five years ago when everybody was ape over that app, what was it called? Right, Hipstamatic. Well, you can’t keep a good dog down – or in this case a good idea.

Cashing in on the hipster culture, they were the big kid on the block, that is until Instagram cut in on the action. Several incarnations of photo sharing later, and video is now the new thing. Following the lead of Instagram and Vine, Hipstamatic has created the latest video sharing app – Cinamatic.

With the slug line “BEAUTIFUL SHORT FILMS”, it’s clear that they are working on the heartstrings of youths’ creativity – the same way it all started with Hipstamatic. This time however, you can apply filters to forty-second films. It’s a call to action of sorts – keep the internet moving.

Are marketing firms and advertisers going to commandeer this? You bet. It’s a perfect solution for digital marketing in Santa Barbara. With a strong youth population, it’s important to speak to your clients. If your customers are creating “beautiful short films” to share with friends, then creating them for your business builds a circle of interest between you, your customers, and their social networks.

Consider your web design for Santa Barbara business. You have a great product, and a great site, but what is your voice? Are you creating engaging content that you can share not only on your site, but your Facebook page, Vine, Instagram? It’s about staying visible at all times by promoting your business through the same channels that your customers are communicating on.

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