All in for the iWatch

It’s Not Your Dad’s Calculator Watch


What kind of watch are you going to be wearing next year? If you’re one of the droves who are holding their breath for the iWatch, don’t fret, you’ll get to breathe soon. That’s right, all signs are pointing to a 2014 release. This years Christmas tech must-have is going to be Apple’s newest. The only real question is, well, what the heck is an iWatch?

Let’s answer that simply. It’s a watch that runs on iOS and works in concert with your iPhone – I think. That’s the thing, the folks at Apple are exercising their right to be tight lipped about pretty much everything. But if nothing else, they are experts at “leaking” timely information to build hype for products that may or may not find their way into your stocking this year.

It all started in 2008 when Steve Wozniak, in an interview with The Telegraph, mentioned in a famous slip that an iWatch may be in Apple’s future. Since then we’ve seen some offerings hit the market, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony SmartWatch, the Kickstarter funded Pebble, and the Nike Fuelband. If that weren’t enough, Apple has been gathering up engineers like canned food during the cold war. Oh yeah, also according to 9to5Mac, they’ve trademarked the name iWatch in several countries, so there’s that.

What does that mean for you and me in Santa Barbara? It’s likely that people won’t technically be cruising the internet on their watch, but it does mean that people are increasingly thinking mobile. What they will be doing is sharing with their Apple TVs, iTunes, messaging, and incidentally, managing their health. Surprisingly, a number of the cans of food that Apple has been collecting, are health and fitness experts. This begs the question, is Apple creating a watch that is designed to monitor our vitals 24/7? Now add the fact that at least one of the alleged iWatch team members is the sleep monitoring expert, Roy J.E.M. Raymann (9to5Mac), and it doesn’t take a bunch of meddling kids to figure it out.

As far as digital marketing in Santa Barbara, and the rest of the world for that matter, people are consuming more bite-size content. Videos are gold, but short, Facebook remains important, Twitter is becoming more and more popular, and apps like Vine and Instagram are going to play bigger and bigger roles. The move to bring the media matrix that close to our body, shows a trend to keep moving–so should your marketing.

In addition to accessorizing your outfit, by this time next year, your watch will be answering calls, reading tweets, using apps, keeping you up on your relative health, and oh yeah, telling you the time.

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