Simply designing a content marketing strategy is not enough. A comprehensive content distribution strategy and plan is key to every successful content marketing game plan. Here are the channels we believe should take precedence in your distribution plan:

  • Website: Feature new pieces on your home page in a “What’s New” section.
  • Blog: Regular posting will grow your audience. Take longer content such as a whitepapers and break it down into several blog posts. The goal is consistency. Guest blogging is a great way to gain new readership.
  • Social Media: Every social media platform has its own strength, and together they are a powerful component of your distribution plan. Just make sure to adjust the content for each platform, and remember that it takes time to gain traction.
  • E-Newsletters: Acknowledge the trust people have placed in you when signing up for your email list by delivering the quality content you promised.
  • Partner Sharing: Endorsements from trusted business partners are persuasive tools for attracting a wider audience. If an outside source advocates for your organization, each of their loyal customers will then become aware of and trust your business as well.

As long as you plan strategically, many pieces of your content can be used on more than one distribution channel. This is a fantastic way to reach diverse audiences, as some people prefer text heavy content, while others get their kicks from infographics. Others will always choose a podcast over an eBook, and so on. Try taking a blog post and repurposing it for a newsletter; or take a webinar and break it down into video tutorials on YouTube. Visual elements can be pinned to Pinterest boards. You get the idea.

As you refine your content distribution plan, remember that the best content in the world won’t share itself. If you want to succeed at content marketing, you’ll need to first develop a solid distribution plan to promote your content across paid, earned, and owned media. And like all things inbound, you’ll need to test, test, and test again.

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