It’s important that users connect with your website’s brand and content. Content Creation For Website Optimization should also:

  1. Look Great. Is it time for a website re-design? Take the bull by the horns and do it. Your new, branded and cohesive design (which will mostly likely incorporate The First 5 Tips) will inspire users to click around and explore your website.
  2. Speak Directly to Target Audiences.If you haven’t addressed buyer personas in a while (or ever) – revisit the idea. The better you understand target audience members, the more precisely you’ll tailor content to directly answer/honor their queries and concerns.
  3. Encourage Engagement & Action.Successful digital marketing capitalizes on user engagement and action. Honing in on buyer personas is Step One. Next, use that invaluable information to lead visitors on an intuitive journey from one landing page to another. This includes the use of inspiring CTAs that compel visitors to share their contact information. Use family and friends as “test subjects.” If they can’t find what they’re looking for in a few clicks, go back to the drawing board.MobileMiddle2
  4. Aim For Content Overflow. There’s no such thing ast “too much well-written content” when it comes to inbound marketing. Engaging, authoritative content is your bread-and-butter. Blog regularly to cover a gamut of topics and provide more individual opportunities to engage with niche or unique prospects. Then, create graphic-rich eBooks and in-depth whitepapers to round it out. As always, be sure optimize all of your content with an effective keyword strategy.
  5. Be Socially Active.Social sharing is important. While Google still claims that social sharing isn’t a significant source of ranking, search engines are crawling Facebook and Twitter, so your presence on these and other social media outlets matters. Social Media accounts help you to broadcast your brand in a shorter, sweeter, and more interactive package. Focus on the Big 5: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Instagram is a hot one too.

Don’t wait to implement these tips and ensure that your website is optimized and ready to convert leads. If you are interested in further optimizing your website, check out the SEO and content creation services offered in the Zeeblu Marketplace!