The following are specific visual marketing ideas, ranging from basic to more advanced concepts:

  1. Content Demos. Telling your audience why your product or service works is one thing. Showing them demonstrates how it can be used easily and effectively in their day-to-day life. A photo series works for simpler products, while video is best for more complex products or services. If budget is an issue, you may find it’s more affordable to use an animated GIF with compelling graphics.
  2. Thank Yous. Create a more personalized connection by sending video thank yous to some of your biggest and/or most loyal clients.
  3. Client Testimonials. Connect with specific clients and engage their help to film meaningful testimonials. Reading quotes on a website is nice, but seeing someone’s facial expressions and body language while hearing a human voice makes a much more significant impact.
  4. Introduce Your Company. Make a longer-format video that introduces your company and its key players. It should include your company’s mission statement and ultimate vision. Images of how your products and services are positively impacting lives of customers “just like you” are a smart addition.
  5. Live Q&A. Leverage your presence at trade shows or conferences by editing live videos of booth demos or audience/client Q&A sessions.

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