About the Company:

Thomas Towing and Use Digital Marketing to Grow

On the face of it, standing out in the towing industry seems difficult. Tow truck companies are all pretty much the same, right? When people think of towing, they usually just assume that it’s just a guy in a truck towing broken down cars, but Thomas Towing was looking to dispel that false assumption. For over 20 years, they’ve towed horses, trampolines helicopters, boats, trees and more! They also offer far more diverse services than vehicle recovery, as they can help move cumbersome, heavy objects and resolve otherwise insoluble transportation problems.

Thomas Towing’s issue was that they were unsure of how to use digital marketing to deliver these messages effectively, and had been frustrated for years with the results they were getting from freelance web developers and scattershot attempts at a cohesive digital marketing strategy. They had extremely low search rankings for several of their competitors keywords, an outdated website, no Facebook page or social media, and no videos. They knew they needed to deliver their messages but they needed a roadmap in order to know that success would be only a matter of time.

“I think the website, that was built by ZeeBlu, really benefits our company. Before, we had customers looking into our background and our reputation, they had nothing reliable to go on. Now they can go to our website, they can see what they do by our photos, our videos, and what not, and they can also talk to other ZeeBlu customers that use our services. So it’s helping Thomas Towing in a reference type of way.”

What ZeeBlu Did:

Now, their website sends the right message.

ZeeBlu delivered a sleek, lucid website that communicates their company’s capabilities and distinguishing attributes effectively with engaging copy, strong design, and professional photography. Thomas Towing can now say that their website provides an accurate reflection of their abilities as a business.

Second, ZeeBlu produced a concise, engaging video that quickly demonstrates how Thomas Towing separates itself within the industry and how they can be of much more help to customers than simply a go-to for broken down cars.

Third, under ZeeBlu’s wing, Thomas Towing’s Facebook page has over 200 likes in the first three months and has already posted content with very strong engagement.

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