About the Company:

Resurfacing their marketing efforts

Santa Barbara Surfacing is a specialty coating company that has provided coating, waterproofing and surfacing services in California since 1993. Each of their employees are manufacturer trained and experts in their services. They cater to both commercial and residential projects, including the surfaces of the Carriage and Western Art Museum, UCSB, and the Santa Barbara Airport.  With a slogan that asks, “Why replace when you can resurface?” Santa Barbara Surfacing operates with the goal of educating their customers about the possibilities of surfacing and sharing transformations that seem unimaginable. While their expertise is recognized throughout the state, they needed a strategy to deliver their messages in a fun and understandable way.

Why ZeeBlu:

Santa Barbara Surfacing was very skeptical of digital marketing but after meeting with a digital marketing consultant and going over the possibilities for their business, they decided to  give ZeeBlu a chance. They knew their personalities brought them success and they wanted to find a way to express that energy to their current and prospective customers. Upon partnering with ZeeBlu,  Santa Barbara Surfacing had a bland, out-of-date website, an inactive Facebook page, no visible presence on Google for relevant keywords, and only one video which failed to demonstrate their expertise and level of knowledge about resurfacing.

What ZeeBlu Did:

Digital proof of their expertise in a palatable format.

We redesigned their website and updated the layout for easier navigation of service examples, color charts, and before and after photos. We also created a monthly email campaign, which generates the company an average of 5 jobs a month (valued from $1,200 to $50,000) and has double the industry average open rate. We also implemented an SEO strategy that drives new leads to their website and often to their email opt-in as well. We have also helped Santa Barbara Surfacing update their Facebook page and created a 3 video strategy that highlights their commercial services, residential services, and the company as a whole. The videos now convincingly deliver Surfacing’s messages of unparalleled experience, knowledge and expertise of the waterproofing and surfacing industry.