About the Company:

Santa Barbara’s favorite barbecue evolves in Digital Marketing for Restaurant Business.

Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch has been serving the best mesquite BBQ chicken and and tri-tip for over 20 years. We’ve all heard the radio advertisements that get us to input each of their location numbers in our cell phones and there’s no doubt you remember their Wild West commercial spot from 2012. But as we all know, commercial productions and radio time can be costly, and the return on investment may be hard to measure. They weren’t quiet with their marketing, but they also didn’t have a developed strategy in place.

There is a secret ingredient to their growth and appeal though: Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch has built a devoted community of fans who regard its affordable, high-quality food as unparalleled in the local area. With the brand’s strong reputation for convenience and accessibility, its evolution into digital was the natural next step.

What ZeeBlu Did:

Tri-Tip becomes an email opt-in incentive

ZeeBlu knew the first order of business was to develop a new website for Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch. ZeeBlu introduced a responsive design for their tablet and mobile users, the menu pages were recreated to offer SEO value and the overall aesthetic was updated to reflect the character of the restaurant. With video and email capture assets in place, Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch began to grow their list of contacts, providing each subscriber with a discount on their next visit. An email marketing and Facebook strategy were integrated, delivering customer-relevant content and engaging their loyal fans with additional promotions.

Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch has grown their email list by over 800% in 2014 by utilizing Facebook promotions and video opt-ins. A concentration on search engine optimization has also increased website traffic for their newest location in Ventura while also boosting conversion on their catering services. Using their professionally quality videos as a hook, they were able to capture 24/7 email addresses from October to December 2014. Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch has broke into the digital realm with the same ease they serve their mesquite chicken with. But it’s just the beginning. ZeeBlu and Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch are already cooking up new ideas for the year to come.