About the Company:

Prestigious Auto Body and Paint is Santa Barbara and Goleta’s premier auto repair facility. They have been taking care of local customers for over 30 years, whether they are looking for a new paint job on their car or they’ve just been in an accident and require collision repair. Prestigious knows that having an accident is bad enough, so they strive to make the auto repair experience as easy as possible. They offer a unique pickup and delivery service, a repair tracker system via text message, and they will answer any of your insurance questions with knowledge that only comes from years of experience. Their large team allows Prestigious to offer all services in-house and their customer service is renowned in the area, but with plans for expansion, Prestigious wanted to be sure their brand and digital marketing strategy was just as polished.

Why ZeeBlu:

While customer engagement was always highly praised, Prestigious didn’t have the engagement through their online channels. Their website was out-dated and unresponsive, their Facebook page lay inactive and their sense of identity as a sleek and modern autobody had not yet transferred to the digital space. ZeeBlu and Prestigious teamed up for an overhaul – a new website, social media presence, email marketing campaign, video production as well as initiating an SEO strategy that would help bring their new website to the top of the rankings for the services Prestigious was best recognized for. Bernie, from Prestigious, knew ZeeBlu was the right partner when he saw the outlined strategy and brand proposal. He wanted to switch to the newly designed logo right away!

What ZeeBlu Did:

ZeeBlu started with new branding – a lighter, more welcoming blue color scheme and modern logo design. The website took off from there, ready to finally provide customers and prospects with the information Prestigious knew they needed such as FAQ’s and services information. ZeeBlu also created three videos showcasing the business as a whole, the customer relationship through testimonials, and a fun time-lapse that showed exactly how the team gets the work done. These videos became front and center and the website.
Prestigious’ Facebook page and email newsletter were also created, fueling the connection between the shop and the customer by providing valuable information, promoting testimonials, and showcasing the best of Prestigious. Each week, Prestigious updates their email list with new customer emails and send them a thank you series. For them, email is one way to guarantee a sincere follow-up strategy.