About the Company:

A non-profit that appreciates strong, smart, and bold marketing

For over 50 years Girls Inc., through educational programs, activities, and advocacy has brought inspiration to countless Santa Barbara area girls aged 5 to 18 years old.  With programs that encourage girls to take risks, acquire skills, gain confidence, become self-reliant and practice leadership, Girls Inc. fills the world with women ready to make a difference.  

With centers in both downtown Santa Barbara and Goleta, Girls Inc. of Santa Barbara has earned outstanding recognition among the county’s non-profits. However as a non-profit, resources to execute marketing efforts were limited for the organization. Girls Inc needed support in making sure their online platforms were sharing the right message with not only their girls and their volunteers, but the donors that keep Girls Inc going.

What ZeeBlu Did

Promoting positive press to stimulate interest and impress donors

ZeeBlu understood that Girls Inc of Greater Santa Barbara was already recognized as a location of such a large and popular nonprofit organization, but their online platforms were more noticeably outdated from their sister branches. ZeeBlu has been working with Girls Inc to impress and inspire their donors by delivering them the information they need to feel great about the organization, such as testimonials and success stories, while also giving their target demographic of parents and girls user-friendly platforms to get involved with the organization.

Ready to launch in 2015 is a brand new website as well as a more robust email marketing strategy to supplement the outreach currently being executed on the Facebook page. With a focus on delivering positive messages through new online platforms, their strategy revolves around driving traffic to easily accessible information regarding donations, volunteer opportunities and community programs. It’s all about the messages and Girls Inc. is ready to share theirs.

Testimonial Quote:

From Charles Caldwell, Working with ZeeBlu, we’re able to see that digital marketing is going to be one of the most important ways because we have to grow our business. We’re not content to do just what we’ve done in the past, we want to grow our business, and working with ZeeBlu and investing in digital marketing is going to be able to allow us to reach out to new markets and new customers who don’t even know us, so we can expand the bottom line of our business.”