Over half of all businesses achieve over 10% of total sales through e-mail marketing, making it one of today’s most powerful digital marketing tools for your Santa Barbara business.

There are several different methods you can use in order to get your Santa Barbara and Ventura customers e-mail addresses, different types of e-mails you could send out, and different things you need to do to make them want to read your emails once you’re ready to start sending them.
All of these tasks might seem a little daunting, but with some basic information (and your own future testing to see what works for your business) you’ll have a hit e-mail marketing strategy before you know it!

First, we want to go over how to obtain your customers e-mail addresses.

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1. The Fish Bowl– Have you ever been to those businesses with fishbowls on the counter with a display sign saying “Drop in your business card and be entered to win a free lunch!” That is one of the easiest and most effective ways to obtain people’s emails.

3. Opt-In Box– Place an opt-in box on the front of your webpage. You could also place an opt-in box at the end of any videos on your page or at the end of your blog posts. Provide users with valuable and relevant content and then provide them with an easy way to opt-in immediately after. If your content is useful, readers will be more likely to want more information you offer.

5. Use an App– Check out Mailchimp’s free “Chimpadeedoo” App. Its a great way to easily collect email addresses, and you don’t even have to be online to get it to work! This is a very useful app to use, especially if you attend trade shows or have a work booth.

Next, let’s go over the different types of e-mails you can send out once you’ve obtained e-mail addresses.

2. Blasts– These can be sent out once or twice a month and can include anything from coupons to featured items/services. These help to remind your customer that you are around and offer some incentive to drive them to your store.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 2.44.17 PM3. Autoresponders– This is where you can begin to create a funnel system. These usually start by sending out an email immediately after customers opt-in on your website etc. These are the “Thanks for Signing Up” e-mails, followed by 2 or 3 emails giving information about services you provide. If you want, you could even create more targeted funnels after that, based on what your customers are clicking on in previous emails. For example, if you are an Car Dealership and Customer A clicked on the link you provided for “Used Cars,” you could then send that person e-mails focused only on “Used Cars.”

Make sure your content is good, directed at your target audience and provides helpful information. Talk to your customers as though you are their friend- give them a tip, inspire them, make them feel better. The key to retaining your customer’s emails is to make them happier, more informed and better at their business.